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Twin Turbo Systems

Interested In A Turbo System?
At Underground we don't sell off-the-shelf, mass produced turbo kits. All of our twin turbo systems are custom tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer using the latest cutting edge technology available. Each system is engineered and custom fabricated around your performance needs.

Power Output Range
  • 700-1200 Rear Wheel Horsepower using Pump Gas
  • 1200-1800 Rear Wheel Horsepower using Race Gas

  • 1/4 Mile Performance
  • Street Tires: World Record 9.8 @ 158 MPH
  • Drag Tires: World Record 7.98 @ 183 MPH

  • Drag Tires with Automatic Transmission Upgrade
  • World Record: 7.98 @ 183 MPH

  • Benifits of Turbo Charging
  • Maximum Power Gain
  • Electronic boost control allowing the fly power output adjustment from the drivers seat.
  • Ultimate Performance
  • How Turbo Systems Work

    The turbocharger uses wasted energy from the exhaust gas to drive its turbine wheel that is linked to its compressor through a shaft. As the shaft spins, the compressor sucks air through the air filter and forces that air into the intake manifold. As the inlet valves in the cylinder open, a greater mass of air is forced into the cylinder to be burnt with the fuel. Hence the term "Forced Induction".

    The extra air forced into the cylinder along with an efficient system design and proper tuning results in a large power increase. By adding an intercooler to the system engine power can be further increased. An Intercooler removes the heat of compression before it enters the engine. Delivering cold air means that there is more oxygen per cylinder (cold air has a higher density than warm air) thus more engine power is attainable.

    Basic Components
  • Custom twin 76mm turbochargers
  • Turbo race headers
  • 2 TiAl billet wastegates
  • 2 TiAl billet blow off valves
  • Custom Air / Air Intercooler
  • All exhaust tubing is constructed of high quality, high flow, mandrel bent stainless steel
  • All exhaust tubing is coated with an ultra high temperature matte black ceramic coating that can withstand extended exposure to exhaust gas temperatures of 1700 degrees
  • All air intake tubing is constructed of high quality, high flow, mandrel bent stainless steel and show polished to a mirror finish
  • Premium quality high pressure T-bolt clamps are used for intake pressure tubes
  • Premium quality V-band clamps are used for exhaust connections
  • EBC Electronic Boost Controller
  • Custom heat shielding