Additional Performance Upgrades

Stronger Rear Driveshafts and Reinforced CV Joints

Reworked Transmission with Hardened Billet Steel Gears

Full Custom Roll Cages & Bolt-on Roll Bars

High volume, aluminum charge cooler water storage reservoir with drain valve and large diameter fill port for simple addition of ice. Cooling system upgrade eliminates the original charge cooler water tank and replaces it with a larger capacity storage reservoir. Greater charge temperature reductions will be possible with the addition of cold water/ice into the new reservoir.

Add some serious backbone to your brake system. Bolt on a set of big, sparkling wheels to your ride adds more than just eye appeal. You also get extra rotational weight from the larger rims and tires, which puts greater stress on your stock brake system. For the power to stop safely, slip on Undergrounds Big Rotor Kit. This custom-engineered system comes with a set of mammoth 14" rotors.

The Safecraft RS series fire protection systems are the systems of choice for all types of racing. The RS series systems can be activated by a combination of methods (pull cable, push cable, or push knob) without changing the extinguisher head. The extinguisher is capable of accepting up to three separate discharge lines that allow an installation flexibility currently not found in racing fire extinguishers.

The handmade Crossform design of this Simpson chute, designed for dragsters, provides outstanding stopping performance from 200 to 300+ mph.

Ideal for road racing, track days and high performance driving schools, the Proxes R888 is the next-generation, street legal competition tire from Toyo Tires. In competition the R888’s improvements in casing and tread design improve dry performance while maintaining wet traction and control. (Toyo Proxies R888 Front: 235/35/ZR19 & Rear: 305/30/ZR19)

OT-Series Carbon clutches offer the best in clutch technology. In 1989, Tilton patented the first carbon racing clutch. It was also the first carbon clutch to be used, and first to win, in Formula One (F1). Today, every car competing in Formula One utilizes this clutch technology. The experience Tilton has gained since 1989 has been applied to produce the very best carbon clutches available. The ultimate in clutch technology, Tilton Carbon clutches offer a unique combination of low rotating mass, high torque capacity, extremely high heat capacity, smooth engagement and durability. In addition, the fact that the carbon plates do not warp from heat, the release of the clutch is very consistent and clutch failure from overheating is minimized. Suitable for use in most racing and high-performance applications.

Perhaps the most universal Penske Racing Shock available, 8760 Series triple adjustable shock absorber is used in a variety of professional racing applications. This coilover damper features a rebound adjuster with 30 clicks of bleed adjustment in the shaft. The compression adjuster features a 17 click preloaded shim stack to control the high speed. 25 clicks of adjustment on the low speed screw allow oil to bypass the high speed. The 8760 Series is available in a pibbyback or remote style mount.